Six HeadsEdit

Charles Saint-GermainEdit

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Elena ArshavinaEdit

Russian champion for the Russian Branch, Leshya was one of Vasilisa's trusted underlings.


Vasilisa's fellow Russian compatriot and her informant whose power is to possess a form of either animals (such as cats or crows) or people. Conniving and cunning, the Thunder Emperor dispatched Condrat to keep an eye on Leyshya during her mission to assassinate Moroha, only to be defeated by Moroha whilst freeing Leyshya from his possession. When the Thunder Emperor learned Condrat's failure, she instantly executed her former compatriot without hesitation.

Rival and EnemiesEdit

Moroha HaimuraEdit

One of Akane Academy's students who yield an astonished power that almost rivaled the S Rank Savior. During a meeting with her fellow Six Head, Vasilisa belittled Moroha and even refuse to recognized his powers. When the Metaphysical appeared, she even assumed the boy would become the creature's victims should he attempted to defeat it, only to be shocked as she witnessed Moroha's victory. This lead to Vasilisa plot to kill Moroha by dispatching Leysha to Japan, only to be backfired when Moroha freed Leysha from Condrat's possession.

When Moroha came to Russia to defeat her for Leysha's freedom, Vasilisa sent most of her underlings to stop his advance, though some of them became hesitant to defeat the boy due to his mercy even to his enemies, something which Vasilisa considered as a weakness before taking advantage upon it. In her last stand against Moroha himself, Vasilisa would use all of her powers to defeat her younger foe, only to be defeated by Moroha. Ironically, Moroha's very mercy saved Vasilisa from a certain death when she fearfully pleaded the boy to spare her life, which Moroha reluctantly to do while scolding her for a selfish fool.