Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya (ヴァシリーサ・ユーリエヴナ・モストヴァヤ Vashirīsa Yūriebuna Mosutovaya) is a Russian Savior and one of the Six S-Ranked Saviors in the world. She is also one of the antagonists of the series. [1]

Appearance Edit

Vasilisa is a woman in her 20's with long blonde hair, a seductive face and well-endowed figure. She also wears an exotic dress which reveals her cleavage and often wielding a folding fan anywhere she goes.

Personality Edit

As a proud member of the S-Ranked Savior, Vasilisa is a ruthless, haughty, and proud woman who rules the Russian Branch of the Saviors with an iron fist. Because of her belief that fear brings control, she has a tendency to belittle anyone whom she deemed inferior, particularly Moroha, whom she antagonized as a nuisance, despite his capability to slay a high level Metaphysical [2]. Additionally, because of her pride, she cannot tolerate her subject's betrayal or failures and as the consequence for doing so, she would execute them by summoning a lightning strike.

History Edit



S Rank MeetingEdit


Plan to Rid MorohaEdit


Power and AbilityEdit

  • Step Thirteen Dark Art: Celestial Crusader



Dance, dance, soldier of lightning.
Come countless thunders.
None of this world live forefer. Ephemeral sparkles, embrace pleasure.
Destroy everything in the blink of an eye.
Do not regret being late, it is a once-in-a-thousand-years banquet.
Die, die, die, die.
All life must perish. Deliverance of the soul is simple.
Remove your heavy clothes, the comfort of journeying heaven and earth.
Kill, kill, kill, kill.
Share with all this lightness, this elegance, this freedom, this happiness.
Oh death, so sweet!
Die, die, die, die. Kill, kill, kill, kill.
It is a once-in-a-thousand-years banquet of killing.

Spell it!

Dance, dance, thunder soldiers.
Thunderclaps, thousandfold, invoke.
Nothing lives forever.
An instant, a flash, indulge in pleasure.
Abandon all in the blink of an eye.
Regret, not belated one.
Tonight is the once in a millennium feast.
Perish, perish, perish, perish.
Scatter to the winds, all life.
Souls, grow light in liberation.
Cast off your weight, this soaring sensation!
Kill, kill, kill, kill.
Impart this lightness, this vibrancy, this liberty, this blessedness, to everyone.
Oh Death, how sweet thou art!
Perish, perish, perish, perish. Kill, kill, kill, kill.
Tonight is the once in a millennium banquet of carnage.


踊れ 踊れ 雷霆の兵
世に永遠に生くる者なし 刹那、閃き、快楽貪れ
遅れる者ぞ、後悔召さるな 今宵、殺戮の宴なり
命、全て散り果てよ 魂の解脱、軽やかならん
羽毫の重みを脱ぎ去リて 天地翔けるこの心地よ!
この軽きを この躍動を この自由を この幸福を 全ての者に分け与えよ
おお死よ そなたは甘美なる哉!
果てよ、果てよ、果てよ、果てよ 殺せ、殺せ、殺せ、殺せ
今宵、千年一度の 殺戮の宴なリ


Odore, Odore, raitei no Hei
Jinrai sen Hyakurai, banrai, manekikitare.
yo ni towa ni ikuru mono nashi setsuna hirameki kairaku musabore.
matataki no uchi ni subete o nageute.
okureru mono zo, kōkai mesa ru na koyoi, satsuriku no utage nari.
hateyo hateyo hateyo hateyo.
inochi, subete chiri hateyo tamashī no gedatsu, karoyakana ran.
Ugou no omomi o nugi sa Rite tenchi kakeru kono kokochiyo!
Korose, korose, korose, korose
Kono karuki o kono yakudō o kono jiyū o kono kōfuku o subete no mono ni wakeataeyo
ō shi yo-sonata wa kanbinaru Kana!
Hate yo, hate yo, hate yo, hateyo korose, korose, korose, korose
koyoi, sen-nen ichido no satsuriku no utagenari


  • Her nickname is the Lightning Empress of Russia.
  • In the English dubbed version of the anime, she is referred to as the Russian Terror.
  • Of all Six Saviors in the meeting, only Vasilisa and Charles refused to recognize Moroha as a S-Rank student, despite his slaying a metaphysical single-handedly.
  • She is the only Savior who dispatches her assassins to eliminate Moroha.
  • She is apparently the only person besides Moroha who can use Step Eight Dark Art and above.
  • Her Birthday is October 8.


  1. Light Novel Volume 4
  2. Anime Episode 6

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