Relationships Edit

Jin IsurugiEdit

Jin is the captain of the Strike unit and Kanzaki's superior. Though he holds her in high regard, Jin is often forced to punish her whenever her perverted antics get out of hand usually doing this by squeezing her head. While Kanazaki is annoyed by Jin interrupting her fun, she nonetheless holds great respect for him which was shown when she refused to leave him behind to face a metaphysical even after he ordered her and the other members to leave the island.

Moroha HaimuraEdit

Both in the anime and the light novels, Tokiko is shown to have great liking for Moroha because of his prowess. While it is unclear whether her feelings towards him are genuinely romantic and/or sexual, she nonetheless seems to care for him greatly and is always willing to help him out during critical situations such as when the school was attacked by a metaphysical.

Moroha is often the target of Tokiko's sexual harassment and for this reason, her attempts are often interrupted by the Captain. In spite of her perverted personality, she is on good terms with both Moroha and her peers and is respected by him for her leadership and abilities.

Sophia MertesackerEdit

Sophie is fellow a member of the Strike Unit. She and Sophie seem to get along and fight well together on the team, though Sophie is usually the victim of Tokiko's perverted acts but does not seem to mind knowing it is all in good fun.

Tokiko, while seemingly respecting her comrade, sometimes views Sophie as ditzy, due to her airheaded ways which frustrates her to a degree.