The Ancient Dragon is one of the more powerful and intelligent Metaphysical. It knew the plan the Striker Unit made to stall it and took to the sky to avoid the ambush. It is able to dispel any Dark Art it sees by reversing the chant. It can also use the spells that it has dispelled. However, the dragon does not need to dispel any Dark Art as it does not do much damage to the dragon's body.

The Ancient Dragon targets those who are special to its Savior counterpart and attacks when its counterpart has become the strongest in the world. As it only attacked after Moroha defeated the two most powerful Ranked-S Saviors of Light arts and Dark arts. It also has the powers of any Metaphysical that its Savior counterpart has defeated before.

Power and Abilities Edit

Dispel: It is able to negate any Dark Art by reversing the chant in its eyes.

Intelligence: It has very high intelligence to find its targets and avoid ambushes.