Sophia Mertesacker (ソフィア・メルテザッカー Sofia Merudezaka) is a member of the Striker Unit of the Akane Academy and also its transfer student from America.


Sophia is described as a blonde haired girl who possesses tanned skin complexion and a large buxom figure that rivals Shizuno and Elena.


As one of the two foreign students, Sophia is a happy-go-lucky, carefree and open-heart girl who is often heard speaking some English in her daily conversations. She is generally a ditzy person, for example when practicing against another Striker who conjures a Light Art web, she simply walks toward him, unaware that it was shredding her uniform.

Powers and AbilityEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: Despite her busty appearance, Sophia is surprisingly strong enough to wield a Kanabō.
  • Kanabō Mastery: Sophia's main weapon is a double-ended Kanabō. In Episode 8, pieces were flaking off of it when Satsuki was fighting her. According to Sophia herself, none of her past lives weapons could withstand her power.


  • She is the second person to duel wield.
  • Her birthday is February 8.

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