Sophia Mertesacker (ソフィア・メルテザッカー Sofia Merudezaka) is a member of the Striker Unit of the Akane Academy and also its transfer student from America.


Sophia is a blonde haired teenage girl who possesses tanned skin complexion and an extremely well-endowed figure that rivals Shizuno and Elena.


As one of the two foreign students, Sophia is a happy-go-lucky, carefree and open-heart girl who is often heard speaking some English in her daily conversations. She is generally a ditzy person, for example when practicing against another Striker who conjures a Light Art web, she simply walks toward him, unaware that it was shredding her uniform until it was too late and she was completely naked. Out of rage, she attacked him for this even though he warned her.

In spite of her usual clueless nature, she has shown she does possess a serious side as she halted Satsuki Ranjō from interfering in Moroha Haimura's fight with Elena Arshavina as well as complimenting Satsuki on her improved skill.

Powers and AbilityEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: Despite her busty appearance, Sophia is surprisingly strong enough to wield a Kanabō.
  • Kanabō Mastery: Sophia's main weapon is a double-ended Kanabō. In Episode 8, pieces were flaking off of it when Satsuki was fighting her. According to Sophia herself, none of her past lives weapons could withstand her power.


  • She is the second person to duel wield.
  • Her birthday is February 8.