Moroha Haimura Edit

Initially, Edward attempted to attack Moroha in order to test his powers first by punching at him and having Angela attack him but these tests did not make impression on him as he believed the latter wasn't worthy of S-rank. Later on, Edward engages Moroha in combat after he takes Shizuno Urushibara away from her brother and confirms he was the who took down the Metaphysical. The two battle with Edward belittling Moroha stating he can't possibly be S-rank with that level of power but slowly becomes impressed with Moroha's attitude of not giving up which forces him to release his own power. He is left in disbelief and amazement when Moroha uses a new kind of power, which causes him to take back his previous views of the latter. This led to him surrendering the battle and madly shouting for Moroha to join him and the other head knights, as their seventh member before laughing crazily as he was frozen.

Though the two engaged in battle, Edward later showed up and while promising to not attack, he gives Moroha (who didn't believe he won the fight fair and square) the victory of their battle. The two talk with Moroha revealing he could of easily pass Edward's tests but chose not to as he knew the latter wasn't going to hurt him, with Edward being more impressed. Edward tells Moroha he has not disappointed him and even promises to support Moroha in being a member of S-rank.

After this they seem to be on good terms as Edward calls Moroha and gives him the nickname "Jack" because of his power and attitude surprising him like a jack-in-a box. Edward went through with his promise of promoting Moroha as he spoke with the other head knights who were skeptical about this decision. Edward admitted that he doubted Moroha at first but stated when he witnessed his power, he was amazed by Moroha's capability. He soon wished Moroha luck when a metaphysical attacked especially after the other head knights decided to use this as test for him to test his worthiness of s-rank. He was relieved when Moroha succeeded and proposed they hold off on his promotion until he graduated.

Angela JohnsonEdit

Is Edward's maid who does everything she is asks of him which is seen when she attacked Morahora under Edward's orders to see if he is worthy of being an S-rank. The two seem to be very close as Edward has given her the nickname A.J and was worried about her wounded leg following her duel with Morahora. In return, Angela was worried for Edward's safety when he was frozen by Morahora. It also appears that A.J has a crush on Edward as she blushed after making dinner plans for them while Edward smiled at the suggestion. It is unknown if he is aware of her feelings for him or if he returns her affections.