Sir Edward Lampard (サー・エドワード・ランパード Sā Edowādo Ranpādo) is a British Savior and one of the 6 S-Ranked Saviors (Moroha is not officially considered a S-Rank at the moment at the conclusion of the S-Rank meeting) in the world. He came to Japan to test Moroha after hearing about his feat of defeating a Dreadnought-class Metaphysical by himself.

Appearance Edit

Edward is described as a tall-figured young man with short blonde hair. He also has two earrings on both ears and always wears a purple suit.

Personality Edit

Edward is described as an easygoing and free-spirited man who like to do things at his own pace and finds amusement in teasing people, such as when he pretended that he didn't speak Japanese to mess with the waitress and Satsuki at the cafe where he first met Moroha for no apparent reason other than to amuse himself.

He has a rather condescending attitude, as he believed Moroha wasn't worthy of S-Class after he didn't muster up the strength to pass his test. However, he is capable of changing his views after Moroha revealed his true power and stated that he could of easily pass those tests. He was also not afraid in giving Moroha the victory in their battle, as he was truly impressed by the latter's skills.

He also enjoys displays of power and exciting battles, expressing extreme joy when seeing Moroha casting Cocytus, throwing aside his weapon and falling into a state of laughter as he told Moroha to join the other head knights as he was frozen by the latter. This state could be compared to that of a madman as he even called himself and the other knights monsters who have abandoned their humanity, showing he is greatly unhinged.


Some point in the past, he became a S Ranked Savior.

At another point, Edward dueled Elena Arshavina and fought her to a stalemate though he suffered a wounded from the fight.


  • In one meeting of all six S-Ranked Saviors of the world, only Edward and Andō Suruga consider Moroha as adequate as a S-Rank student before their fellow members (except Vashirisa and Charles) agreed with their opinion.
  • He likes to call Moroha "Jack", because Moroha's power and attitude always surprises him, like a jack-in-the-box.