Friends and AlliesEdit

Moroha HaimuraEdit

World Break EP 1 Screengrab 7

At last, after who knows how many years, we are finally together again Nii-sama.

Moroha is a fellow classmate and friend of Satsuki. In her past life as Sarasha, Moroha was Flaga and was her older brother and a knight as well. Despite the fact they have just met, she always addresses him as Nii-sama, and seems to deeply love him, as she also did in the past. Her love for him seems to go beyond that of a typical brother and sister, straying away from normal sibling love, despite not being siblings in the present, such feelings were seen in their past memories, in which moments show them almost kissing. This in turn also shows that they were lovers. Satsuki said that in this time, their love wouldn't be seen as a taboo, as once before. She also gets jealous whenever he is randomly kissed by Shizuno, or when he brushes his head on her breasts. Satsuki also seems to get easily flustered around them, heavily blushing when saying her promise was a kiss, shortly after he left the infirmary, although Shizuno ended up kissing Moroha instead, much to her dissatisfaction.

Shizuno UrushibaraEdit

Shizuno is a classmate and friend of Satsuki. Satsuki is often the target of Shizuno's perverted anctics, while it not specifically targetting her, that being Moroha, this make Satsuki jealous in terms of breast size.

The two often tend to argue, with Shizuno always winning every single one, but regardless, both show to actually get along well as Shizuno became the second person Satsuki exchanged emails with.

Maya ShimonEdit

They seem to be good friends.

Elena ArshavinaEdit

Satsuki often argues with Leshya, especially when the latter calls Moroha, Ani. When they first met, Satsuki immediately disliked her, because Leshya was after Moroha. She often argued with her, usually resulting in her loss, similar to the way she loses to Shizuno. Satsuki is also jealous of Leshya because of her large breast size.

After Moroha saved Leshya, Satsuki and Leshya argued on who would be Moroha's younger sister. Satsuki wanted to be the only younger sister, even saying that Leshya could be Moroha's older sister. However, Leshya rejected the idea, stating she wanted to be the younger sister. These arguments usually lead to competitions between the two, which often go out of hand.

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