Satsuki Ranjō (嵐城サツキ Ranjō Satsuki?) also known in her past life as "Sarasha", is one of the female protagonists of the Seiken Tsukai no World Break series.


Satsuki is a teenage girl with french pink hair tied long enough to go down to her knees. She wears a big yellow ribbon on the right side of her hair. She also has violet-blue eyes like Moroha Haimura.


Satsuki is very eccentric and she talks fast, and outspoken as well. Satsuki also constantly address Moroha as "nii-sama", and has a tendency to bring up the fact of their connection in their past lives in almost every conversation, especially when Shizuno is with them, despite the latter seemingly not being bothered by it at all. She is also seen to be ashamed of her breast size, where she was embarrassed by Shizuno herself who compared their sizes in the first episode of the anime series.

Satsuki also dislikes being seen as a weak individual, such as after being beaten by Isurugi, the bully taunted her after her loss, although Moroha still stood up for her, she still ran away in shame and crying. Satsuki brought this fact up again later on when eating lunch with Morohround

Satsuki was once a princess of an unknown land, and was apparently the younger sister of Kensei Flaga, one of the past lives of Moroha.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satsuki is Rank B. Satsuki's abilities haven't been fully seen in either manga or anime, but she does appear to be quite skilled, summoning her Prana on her first try, and also seems to have skills in swordsmanship, but was bested by Isurugi in a one-on-one match. Still, the full extent of her abilities have yet to be seen.

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  • Satsuki is one of the other two main protagonist, along with Shizuno, to share a past life with the main protagonist, that being Moroha.

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