Ouroboros (世界喰らいの蛇(ウロボロス) Sekai kurai no hebi(Uroborosu)?) is a Step Thirteen Dark Art, making it one of the forbidden spells. It is one of the origins of Moroha. Ouroboros It is a spell that summons a magical sea that devours everything hostile to user, with the user being able to manipulate the water freely. The sea will not go away even after the spell is used. It's even been said that the entire area has changed and the maps had to be altered. Moroha used it against Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya in Volume 5 of the light novel and Episode 10 of the anime.

The Verses are as follows:

"Everything began with water."

"Everything in turn shall return to water."

"But it is also the death of all."

"The birthing mother and The Swallowing snake."

"Everything flows .Not even time itself can escape."

"Like a boat at the mercy of a mighty river.all are swallowed in the end ."

"No escape from the rapture of transience."

"Yet I will love beautifulness and transience."

"My body will become a snake with its mouth wide open,and level everything "

"Insatiable.endless emptiness"

"Endless pleasure never stagnating" "Everything must flow.back into my stomach

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