To Siberia ("Shiberia-yuki", シベリア行) is the ninth episode in the anime adaption of World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman. It first aired on March 8th, 2015.

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In Russia, Moroha fights and defeats Berand while taken him as a prisoner. However, during Moroha's integration over Vasilisa's whereabouts, Bernard refuses to answer Moroha's questions while mocking him as a naive Japanese. Bernard's mockery leads to Moroha stabbing Bernard's abdomen, which is non fatal due to his A Rank position, while leaving him bleeding on the ground. In their train ride to find the Lightning Empress, AJ asks Moroha if his declaration of war against Russia is both absurd or naive.

Meanwhile, an injured Bernard reports his defeat to his supervisor Vasilisa, who is upset over his failure and sentenced him with death. To show his high devotion to his supervisor, Bernard gladly accepts her execution before perishing along with the crumbling palace. The following events of Bernard's death, Darco asks Vasilisa about enforcing defenses within Russian's eastern territories to prevent Moroha from coming to her place. Vasilisa however responds that she would have her agents enforcing Krasnoyarsk instead.

In the school, Leshya and Satsuki are arguing about their position as Moroha's "younger sister" but they are stopped by Shizuno. Nevertheless, the girls wish Moroha's victory in Russia.

Station after station, Moroha defeats most of the Russian assassins until reaching Krasnoyarsk where he detected eight other assassins following the duo, much to AJ's shock who originally counted as seven. Moroha leaves to the Russian forest and confronting his first seven assailants. Krisan, the leader of the Krasnoyarsk's branch, urging him to leave Russia as he tells Moroha that even they didn't wishes to defy their supervisor, they also didn't wanted to fight against Moroha. However, Darco tells Krisan that because of the empress orders are absolute, they must slay the "monster" for her sake, causing Krisan and his fellow assassins attacking Moroha. Miraculously, even outnumbered with the odds of one against seven, Moroha manages to defeat them all without killing them. In the same time, Moroha sees Moroha also seeing AJ fighting against the eighth and last assassin, Darco. However, just as Darco turns his back, the mirror image of Vasilisa chanting a magic spell upon to the duo. Sensing Vasilisa just finished her chant, Moroha pushes AJ aside but ended up receiving Vasilisa's thunder strike instead, much to AJ's horror and Vasilisa's delight.


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