Dark Art (闇術(あんじゅつ) Anjutsu?) is a generic name of Magic. The users of Dark Arts are called as <<Black Magic>> (黒魔(くろま) Kuroma?)

Dark ArtsEdit

Step One Dark Art: Flare (フレアー [火炎])
Step Two Dark Art: Blaze (ブレイズ [猛火])
Step Three Dark Art: Incinerate (インシネレート [火葬])
Step Four Dark Art: Blaze Storm (ブレイズストーム [炎の大嵐])
Step Five Dark Art: Black Gehenna (ブラックゲヘナ [黒縄地獄])
Step Six Dark Art: Pyroclasm (パイロクラズム [紅蓮地獄])

Step One Dark Art: White Breath (ホワイトブレス [氷の吐息])
Step Three Dark Art: Freezing Shade (フローズン・シェイド [凍てつく影])
Step Four Dark Art: Dreadful Blizzard (アースリィ・ブリザード [凄まじき吹雪])
Step Five Dark Art: Blizzard Specter (ブリザードスペクター [吹雪の死霊])
Step Six Dark Art: Bright White Frost (ブライトホワイトフロスト [氷結地獄])
Step Thirteen Dark Art: Cocytus (コキュートス[摩訶鉢特摩地獄])

Step One Dark Art: Hydro Blast (ハイドロブラスト [水流破])
Step Thirteen Dark Art: Ouroboros (ウロボロス[世界喰らいの蛇])

Step One Dark Art: Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト[稲妻])
Step Three Dark Art: Ball Lightning (ボールライトニング[狂乱する球雷])
Step Eight Dark Art: Thunderstorm Helix (ライトニングヘリックス[稲妻の螺旋])
Step Nine Dark Art: Thunderbolt Dragon (ライトニングドラゴン[稲妻の魔竜])
Step Thirteen Dark Art: Celestial / Cruel Crusaders (セレスティアルクルセイダー[天界十字軍])

Step One Dark Art: Breeze Blade (フラクタリング・ガスト[引き裂く突風])
Step Two Dark Art: Breeze Mace (ブリーズメイス [吠えたける強風])

Flash (フラッシュ [閃光]) - gives off a blinding light for an instant.
Mind Swords (マインドソーズ [精神の剣]) - Summons swords to attack mental strengh(mind) of enemy.
Mind Thrust (マインドスラスト [精神の槍]) - Attacks spiritual strengh of the enemy.
Bind (バインド [束縛]) - Makes a chain to bind the other party.
Sleep Near Death (スリープ ニア デス [万の眠り]) - Makes the target fall into a deep sleep.
Hex (ヘクス) [護法印] - basic devensive dark art. its easy to use, but its power is low.
Blue Hex (ブルーへクス [青の護法印]) - Defensive dark art. Creates blue barriers on all your sides surrounding the user. Red Hex (レッドへクス [赤の護法印]) - Defensive dark art. Creates a red barrier that blocks the heat and flames. Eija Grid (エイジャー グリッド [上天の障壁]) - High level defensive Dark art.
Healing (ヒーリング [傷跡の治療]) - Heals a target by writing magic runes directly on their skin. in anime it has been replaced by healing by touching with a hand.
Decrease Weight (デクリーズウエイト [羽毫の体現]) - Decreases users weight to zero and allows them to fly/float.
Phantasmal Vision (ファンタズマル ヴィジョン [幻影の像]) - Creates optical illusions.
Magiscope (マギスコープ [遥か見]) - Increases users vision and reaction of the user, making them able see far. it has Same as Tengentsu.
Suppression Field (サプレッションフィールド [抑制の場]) - Barrier type defensive dark art.
Moonlight Javelin (ムーンライトジャベリン [月銀の槍]) - Shoots a spear that shines like a moonlight towards opponent.


The Saviors who use Black Magic write the spell in the air in front of them; the number of lines determines the Step number (e.g. Step One Dark Arts: White Breath will only have one line to the spell while the forbidden spells like Ouroboros and Cocytus are Step Thirteen Dark Arts and require a much longer chant of thirteen lines). A line of the chant can be several short sentences. The Kuroma writes and chants faster than humanly possible, and when the chant is finished, it hangs in front of them in ethereal letters, which he/she flicks with their finger before proclaiming the name of the move before launching it. Dark Arts can also be used to enchant their or somebody else's weapon (e.g. Moroha who infuses his sword, Salatiga, with Step Five Dark Art Black Gehenna, or Shizuno uses who Step Three Dark Art Freezing Shade to enchant Satsuki's Arciel).





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