Sir Edward LampardEdit

The British Rank S Savior whom Angela serves as his maid and driver. They are very close as Edward has given her the nickname "A.J". She is deeply devoted to him as she willing to act as an assassin in one case where Edward wanted to test Moroha's skills. It seems that she is in love with him as she made dinner plans for the two of them while blushing and sleep talks about him.

Moroha HaimuraEdit

AJ and Moroha

Moroha and AJ.

Near the beginning of the series, A.J harbors an intense hostility towards Moroha due to his initial rivalry against Edward. She attacked him on Edward's order to test his abilities but hid her identity. Angela's leg was wounded as a result of the fight and she was angry that even though she attacked Moroha with everything he still held back against her.

She attacks him again with Moroha recognizing her blades and knowing she was his attacker. She is later surprised and amazed at his power when he duels Edward and freezes the latter. As the series progresses, AJ begins to understand why Edward was interested in Moroha and sees him as a man "second to Edward", but despite any supposed feelings for him, she loves Edward more than anything.

Shizuno Urushibara Edit

They have appear to have a complicated relationship, Angela once got annoyed with Shizuno when she called the latter called her at 2:00 in the morning in England and when Shizuno acted as if they are on good terms. However, she was silent when Shizuno blackmailed her by stating she had confidential information about Edward's relationships. Despite this, she does provide Shizuno with information about Elena Arshavina.

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